An appeal from Palamoor NRI Forum

In tune with the spirit of Palamoor NRI Forum's desire to give back to their home land and help in their
individual capacities, a few forum members have responded to a request for help to sponsor education
for rural kids who are in Bridge Schools.

For initial phase, some forum members came forward and pledged to support 30 kids for next five years
and promised to give $30,000 over the span of 5 years.

Recently our forum member, Ramchandra Reddy, handovering a check in the amount of Rs. 2,60,000 to Sevabharathi as initial phase

Bridge Schools are established by Govt. of Andhra Pradesh under District Primary Education Program
, with its objective to bring child labor and school drop-out children back into mainstream
school education.

Bridge Schools by design are intended to provide a smooth transition for these children to regular school environment. These children are encouraged to join regular school system after successful orientation from Bridge Schools. Ground reality of the transition from Bridge School to regular school system is a little different. In first place, the reason for these dropouts and child labor is abject poverty. Even after going through this bridge program, most of these kids are bound to dropout due to lack of financial assistance and backup.

Sevabharati is a local social service organization working in the areas of education, health care and rural development activities. In particular, Sevabharati requested us to help sponsor a few children who have passed out of bridge schools.

Sevabharathi selected above two hundred kids from 154 bridge schools on the basis of a talent search exam. During this screening exercise a total of 90 teachers were involved and they examined 2,000 kids. These kids were tested in English, Math, Science, Social studies, General knowledge and Telugu. About 270 of these kids who secured more than 75% on the exam and showed promising for further education were selected for further assistance.

In Sevabharathi's opinion, these kids should be supported for the next five years so they donít slip out of the school system. Roughly around $200 per kid is sought per annum. The help is sought for next four years. In the first phase, kids with more needs, particularly those who are either orphans or kids with single parents are identified for the help.

Some of us at Palamoor NRI Forum think that these kids deserve better assistance and support. With help of Sevabharathi, Palamoor NRI Forum is committed to help these kids to the maximum extent possible. So far, commitments for 30 kids have come through. Much more is needed for this worthy cause.

As per 2001 census, there are 2, 79,004 (two lakhs seventy nine thousand and four) kids are out of Mahabubnagar district school system alone.

District Boys Girls Total School Data No. of Kids out of School system
Mahabubnagar 4,86,078 4,51,714 9,37,792 6,58,788 2,79,004

Palamoor NRI Forum appeals to its members to assist in sponsoring rest of the students who were screened by Sevabharathi. A sum of $200 per year is needed to support each student. Your commitment is needed for 4 years. An estimated total of $800 per student spread over a period of 4 to 5 years is requested from the sponsors. Your donations for this cause are 100% tax deductible. Yearly donation of $200 covers schooling, hostel facility, food, books, and clothes.

We feel this worthy and noble cause, helping a poor student in need is an excellent way to pay back your mother land. This basic education gave all of us an opportunity to come to this land of opportunities. Our humble request to all Forum members is to show your generosity and help in sponsoring these poor kids. You can sponsor more than one kid and enable the entire selection of kids to enjoy a proper and fruitful education.

If you are interested to sponsor please email us Click here to email

Sponsored by Kid's Name Village Mandal Pic
Kamlesh Naam Boya Laxmanna Bingidoddi Aiza
Kamlesh Naam Alakunta Venkatesh Devarakonda Devarakonda (NLG. Dist)
Parmesh Bheemreddy Laxman Angoth karukonda Bijinapally
Parmesh Bheemreddy Maredu Ramulu Vattipally Telkapally
T.Ramchandra Reddy Mondi Srinivasulu Manganoor Bijinapally
T.Ramchandra Reddy Tikkala Ramesh Peddapally Telkapally
Rammohan Konda Patlavat Ramesh Naik Buddaram Gopalpet
Ram Dornala Vamshi Krishna Pedda Dhanwada Vadeepally
Srinivas Bikkumanla Pojala Ramanjaneyulu Maradugu Amrabad
Srinivas Bikkumanla Irigadindla Suryam Udimila Amrabad
Arjun Dyapa Ramu Ragiah Palem Amangal
Arjun Dyapa Ajay Kumar Veldanda Veldanda
Dr. BN Reddy Vandrasi Ravindar Nawabpet Nawabpet
Bhuvanesh Boojala Veeresh Goud Indivasi Gattu
Bhuvanesh Boojala Golla Ramudu Bhainapally Aiza
Devendar Tadkapally K.Anil Kumar Narayanpet Narayanpet
Srikanth Konda Savari Sai Kumar Pallerla Maddur
Ravi Mayreddy Kalmuri Chandrashekhar Busireddypally Pangal
Karunakar Madhavaram Govardhan Billakallu Balmoor
Venkat Reddy Nagendar Dhainampally Aiza
Vijay Sanikapally Nenavat Raju Chowdarpally Veldanda
Vijay Sanikapally Ramavat Narender Chowdarpally Veldanda
Krishna Dyapa Bheemrayudu Narasimha Nidugurthi Utkoor
Srinivas Mamidi P. Anil Kumar Nidugurthi Utkoor
Gautam Kasireddy Vemanna Aiza Aiza
Raghu Chilka Chintaraju Kurumurthy Soorapuram Lingala
Satish Salikuti Aleti Ramesh Raipakula Telkapally
Ranadheer Yanala Gaddam Venkatesh Thirumalapuram Pedda Kothapally
Rajavardhan Chilka Vemula Shivaram Appayipally Lingala
Praveen Vaddi Putta Krishna Nainonpally Pedda Kothapally

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