U. S. Studies Informational Seminar in Town Hall, Mahabub Nagar

Information Session for US Aspirants/ Students of Palamoor was organized on July 19th, Wednesday 2 PM TO 5 PM by Palamoor NRI Forum and i20Fever. About 300 students from SSJ, JPNCE, and SVITS engineering colleges participated in the session. Mr. P.Sreenivas Rao of SVITS college, Mr. Ravi Kumar and Dr. CM Vara Prasad from JPNCE and Mr. Ashok from SSJ college and other staff from Engineering Colleges were also present. The session was a huge success!. Srinivas Mamidi, our NRI Forum member, who is visiting India, has coordinated the effort. Our local Coordinator, Shri Ramachandrudu Barigella has presided over the Seminar. Mahabub Nagar town Muncipal Chairman, Shri Obedulla Kotwal, was invited to inaugurate the Seminar. A team of 4 members from i20Fever came from Hyderabad, and gave a presentation on various issues related to: * GRE & TOEFL * ADMISSIONS * APPLICATIONS * PROCEDURES * UNIVERSITY * RESEARCH * FINANCIAL AID * VISA * Q & A Session NRI Forum thanks to all participants and congratulates the organizers. Our special thanks to Vijay (Viplove), Ravi Kumar (JPEC) and Sridhar (NRI Forum Volunteer). We also thank the managements, Principals, staff and students of the three engineering colleges (SSJ, JPNCE, and SVITS), who supported and sponsored the seminar.

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