Paalamoor NRI forum meeting in ATA 2006, Los angeles on July 2

Paalamoor NRI forum has succeeded in putting its meeting on the main agenda of ATA conference which was held in Los Angeles from 30th June through 2nd July.

PNRIF meeting was held on 2nd July in Vamsadhara Hall from 3 PM to 5 PM to discuss on the need of developmental activities in the most backward district of AP and one of the most backward districts of India and to attract different NRI groups charitable activities to the district. The meeting was attended by several Paalamoor NRIs and many ATA representatives.

The meeting has achieved its objective of attracting several NRI groups and taking pledge from NRIs towards the development of Paalamoor District. It was attended by several eminent NRIs including Dr Surya Reddy who has promised to take major part in any developmental activities in the district, Dr Janumpally Lingiah, ATA Jt Secy Damodar Reddy, BATA president Yugandhar Reddy, ATA Treasurer Chandra Shekar Reddy, TANA Secretary Jayaram Komati, Krishna and Arjun Dyapa, TDF president Madhu Reddy, DesiHub's Bala and other visiting dignitaries including number of Paalamooris and neighboring district people.

In this meeting apart from discussing the ways to improve the life of people in the district, the primary focus was on 1) Starting of Resource center for students who are in pursue of higher education in US, 2) Model school project to improve the education standards in the district. 3) Paalamoor Education Fund to help poor and meritorious students who are in bad need of financial assistance in pursuing higher studies. 4) Formation of Paalamoor Foundation (A socio economic charitable organization to take part in the district development) to include eminent personalities from the district. 5) Continuance of EYE camps with help of local Lions Clubs.

It was also reviewed various conference calls with district authorities and recent conference call with the new collector.

In this meeting several paalamooris have come forward to take part in various developmental activities being carried out in the district by PNRIF (Paalamoor NRI Forum)and expressed their solidarity .

On behalf of Paalamoor people, PNRIF thanks to all this people who have attended and come forward to take part in several programs that are being undertaken by PNRIF in the district.

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