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Education allows an individual to develop the knowledge and skills to capture economic opportunities and thus increase his or her income. This provides the basis to capture further opportunities. Education also leads to improvement in other critical areas such as health and family planning.Greater literacy and basic education help people understand their needs and demand services.

Education is critical to building a modern, market-based economy and raising living standards. The human capital model in theories of economic growth shows that a rise in the level of education brings a rise in the efficiency of all factors of production. Educated people use capital more efficiently; they think up new and better forms of production; and they embrace change and innovation faster and quickly learn new skills. Literacy levels vary greatly between districts: while the literacy rate in Hyderabad district is over 72 percent, in nebhouring district Mahbubnagar, it is only around 35 percent.

Today, the main causes of low literacy are poverty, lack of access to schools, an adverse student-teacher ratio, poor infrastructure (such as water supply and toilets), low enrolment and large drop-out rates.Between Class I and VII, drop-out rates are as high as 66 per cent. This means that, on an average, only 35 per cent children of Andhrapradesh complete elementary education. Among SCs and STs, the drop-out rate is even higher—as much as 73 per cent and 82 per cent respectively.

To achieve universal literacy, first, we need to provide quality primary education for all and improve enrolment and retention rates. This will require a number of interventions, namely, building more schools and classrooms; providing more teachers; increasing the number of residential schools; redesigning curricula; expanding early childhood education; introducing programmes to bring drop-outs back to school; focusing on specific disadvantaged groups and locations; providing non-formal education and increasing adult literacy; and involving the community in increasing enrolment and improving retention rates.

In this regard Palamoor NRI Forum, in recent teleconference call, requested District Collector to provide list of villages which needs school buildings and other infrastructure. once NRI Forum receives this list, we are going to make this list available  to our members, so that they can pick the villages they want to help. This is only beginning, hence we request all our Palamoor people to actively take part in the ativities of Palamoor NRI Forum .



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